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El Rancho Private School – Serving preschool through 8th grade scholars

Carmichael school grows to include 8th graders

Carmichael, CA – El Rancho School has been producing top-scholars since 1961. Beginning this summer El Rancho School will welcome 7th and 8th graders for the first time on campus. Families are welcome to stop by for a tour to learn how El Rancho School is utilizing small class sizes and a technology and language arts driven program to produce top academic scholars.

The Ritchie Family started El Rancho Preschool in 1961 with Mrs. Allie Ritchie as the only staff member. She was the teacher, bookkeeper and lunchtime cook who made each child a birthday cake on their special day. Mrs. Ritchie started El Rancho with the idea of teaching 4 year olds to read, an idea that was unheard of in the early 60’s. For over 40 years she had a hand in providing individual and small group reading instruction to each and every student.

El Rancho grew to include kindergarten through third grade in the early 1970’s, and under the principalship of Mrs. Ritchie’s daughter, Anne Ritchie, the school expanded through the 6 th grade in 1993. Anne Ritchie developed the elementary school curriculum and maintained the esthetics of the adobe designed buildings and sweeping grounds for over 30 years. Under the current leadership of Anne Ritchie’s daughter, Holly Olson, the school is growing once again. “Our parents were looking for academic consistency, superior teacher instruction, a reading program that develops a greater level of comprehension and a technology rich program that enhances the academic lessons,” shares Mrs. Olson. “Our students are kind too. Our strong character development program encourages the children to persevere when things get tough, to encourage others when they are down, and to be honest when they have made a poor choice.”

The mission of the El Rancho Middle School is to provide each scholar a rigorous college-preparatory education and to develop a love of school and learning. The development of new concepts and skills will be maximized in our low teacher to student ratio. Writing and math skills will be developed to a high level of proficiency. Technology will be used to enhance lessons, creating excitement and interest. Students will develop independence, responsibility, time management and study skills. “Middle school students will be challenged to think critically, write analytically and creatively, and hypothesize with curiosity and self-motivation,” says lead middle school teacher Andrea Tagore. “They will have the opportunity to do self-paced work, independent and small group projects under the guidance of caring, supportive and knowledgeable teachers.”

El Rancho Elementary School is well known for its personalized and well-rounded educational program. Instruction is tailored to meet the needs of individual students, and this individual attention fosters high-achievement. The 15-year average on the Stanford Achievement Test in reading is in the top 3.7% of the nation! The core subjects of English, mathematics, social studies and science are taught using a combination of old-fashioned and innovative teaching methods, offering students the best of both worlds. Teachers extend the core content into project learning experiences
that allow students to explore in-depth and tilize technology. Spanish, art appreciation, music, physical education and health are also taught at El Rancho, rounding out the curriculum. The middle school elective wheel, with courses in nutrition, photography, keyboarding, technology, drama, public speaking, debate and community service, will also be offered as El Rancho School expands its student body this fall.

El Rancho School offers a year-round academic preschool, full-day kindergarten-8 th grade, study hall, summer camp, swim lessons, tutoring and afterschool care. They effectively communicate with their families via a mobile app; one of few schools who use this technology. Families are invited by the school to stop by for a tour, learn more at and follow as fans at

Source: Carmichael Times

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