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The El Rancho campus is in Carmichael, California about a twenty-minute drive northeast of downtown Sacramento. It is in a residential community. The charming adobe buildings and tile roof impart the ambiance of a California mission. The buildings are set close to the street, giving plenty of space, behind gates, for children’s play and sports activities.

Great attention is given to creating an inviting and attractive campus because children are naturally drawn to beauty. Towering trees shade the courtyard, blacktop, tables, the sports court, and play areas. Flower beds and pots overflow with annuals which ‘accidentally’ get picked with some regularity. It is a common occurrence for a preschool child to enter the classroom in the morning with a flower-head in their hand for the teacher. It’s so sweet!

Classrooms are laid out to create space for lessons as well as group work and play. Cabinetry throughout the school has been designed so that a large selection of books, toys, equipment and materials can be kept organized, conveniently stored and easily accessible.

A large swimming pool on campus is used throughout the summer for Red Cross group swim lessons.   An assortment of small “critters” in cages, terrariums and aquariums can be found throughout the campus.

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We Are Proud of Our Students

At El Rancho School we are so proud of each student’s work and creative talents! Practically every wall in the school is covered with bulletin boards which display children’s work. When parents come to pick up their children they are often pulled by their youngster from one display to another, showing what wonderful things they have done!



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