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2021 Summer Swimming Lesson Information

Starts June 7th

Let’s swim!  Group swim lessons for children, ages 3 to 13, are 30 minutes daily.  Bring a swimsuit, towel, and sunscreen, and get ready for fun in the pool.

2021 Swim Lessons

El Rancho Elementary School Reopening Plans

1st-6th Application & Emergency Card

    • Please use a permanent marker to write your child’s name on everything brought & worn to school: clothing, bathing suit, towel, goggles (if needed), earplug, and case (if needed) Swim bag:  rubberized, nylon, hard plastic only. Grocery bag type is not allowed at school due to the possibility of suffocation.
    • All three-year-olds are required to wear swim pants/diapers that the parent provides under their swimming suit.  If a child does not have them, he/she will not be able to swim that day and the lesson is nonrefundable.
    • Bathing suits and towels must go home each day.   If your child’s clothing is not marked with their name, and we notice it, we will mark their name on any item not marked.  Be sure to mark socks, shoes, and underwear.
    • Swim fees are payable in advance when the child is signed up. It must be attached to this form. Please do not include it in your tuition payment. Swimming lessons are $50.00 a week.  Our daily rate of $15.00 is only available for part-time students.  A written one-week notice is required for a change in the swimming lesson schedule.  No refunds or swim credits are given for any reason, including change of schedule, illness, absences, inclement weather (“dry” lessons on safety, etc. will be given), field trips, etc.
    • Sunscreen:  El Rancho School staff will apply sunscreen to students daily before their swim lesson, and in the 3:00 PM hour.  If you would like our staff to apply spray sunscreen on your child, please bring in the spray-only sunscreen of your choice, clearly labeled with your child’s name at the very top of the container, complete the attached medication form for sunscreen, and leave it on the school office desk.


    For more information email ElRanchoSchool@att.net or call (916) 482-8656

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