Reviews from Happy Parents

I went to this wonderful school my 4th, 5th & 6th grade years and now at 21 years old I work there! It is an amazing school to be apart of and has such a thriving community of loving and caring teachers and staff members. I can honestly say the best times were at this school. I recommend the El Rancho experience to all my friends and family. 1/15/2015

We have two children, a girl and a boy, in El Rancho. Our oldest started at El Rancho in pre-K and is now in third grade. She has excelled in the program at El Rancho, which has a heavy emphasis on reading. She began reading in Pre-K and has always tested two or more grade levels above her own on the standardized test administered each year. Her writing, reading comprehension, and math skills are far advanced especially in comparison with her cousins who attend public school. What impresses me more has been the school’s impact on her younger brother. Faced with some minor but noticeable developmental delays that received only ten minutes of individual attention in the IEP offered at public school, El Rancho’s smaller class size and the pre-K, Kindergarten, and 1st grade teachers’ focus on the individual and his or her needs has resulted in marked improvements in his learning, language, and social skills. He is currently in first grade, earns A’s and B’s in reading, writing, spelling, and math and loves going to school. I am certain he would have fallen between the cracks in public school. The only challenge at El Rancho (earning them 4 instead of 5 stars) is the smaller class size in the advanced grades (after second grade). Hopefully, more parents will consider enrolling if they check out the school and its program. 2/9/2015

We are a family that is El Rancho strong! 3 kids and three years in. We could NOT be happier with the facility, the staff, and the program. We have referred, and continue to refer families all the time. The negative comments below completely confound me. The school is non-denominational. Our children have never been pigeon-holed into gender stereotypes or encouraged to play in any one particular manner. The extra curricular activities are well-rounded and we’ve always found other parents and families to be warm and inviting with us. If you’re looking for a preschool or elementary school where your child will receive fantastic one-on-one attention, be challenged academically, and be cared for in a warm environment, this is your place! 2/9/2015

My son has been at El Rancho for almost 2 years now and they have been fabulous with him. He has excelled so much in just the past few months, let alone 2 years. I highly recommend this school to any parent that wants a great learning environment that truly takes the time to get to know your child. 1/6/2015

I moved my son to El Rancho at the beginning of this year because he was doing very poorly in public school. He has a diagnosed mild reading disability and mild ADD, and was very unhappy. He is repeating 1st grade this year and thriving at El Rancho! There are only 15 kids in his class (as opposed to 32), and this makes a huge difference for him. He’s more focused – too few kids to hide from the teacher! His teacher is wonderful, a perfect mix of loving/nurturing and no-nonsense (not gonna fall for his tricks!) He really respects and cares for her, and that is important for me. He received (really earned!) As and Bs on his first report card. His confidence (which started in the toilet…”Mom, I know the other kids are smarter than me”) has soared, and he has a great sense of pride about what he’s done. I am so grateful for the turn-around this year! 3/5/2015
I cannot say enough good things about the El Rancho facility, staff and administration. My wife and I have sent two of my three children there and the third will be starting the summer. My son who has moved to another school is by far the most advanced in class and has a real love for learning and noticeably loves his previous El Rancho teachers. We have recommended this school to several parents most of whom now attend El Rancho. I find the population to be diverse, both demographically as well as intellectually and have found staff always willing to meet the needs of each kid and help them excel both in school and in life. 1/26/2015

El Rancho is by far the best education you can give your child. Mrs. Cooper and Mrs. Hansen were my teachers. Holly Cooper would stay late with me to go over all of my math because I was struggling. I cannot express how much this place meant to me growing up. So many wonderful memories! I owe El Rancho teachers so much for what they have given me. 6/18/2014

El Rancho provides a warm environment that caters to the individual student while providing strong fundamentals including reading and writing. The strong focus on reading begins in childcare / Pre-K with some children reading before kindergarten. The academics program is complemented by the small class size, teacher – parent involvement, art and music programs, and park-like setting making the school a positive, safe environment for my children. We love it at El Rancho. 5/30/2014

5 stars My boys absolutely love it at school. Sometimes it’s hard to get them to come home. They learn so much… I am so proud and amazed at how many books my son is reading in kindergarten… only a couple months in. Love this place! (over a year ago)

5 stars Our children are thriving at El Rancho School! They love school, their projects, the special theme days, swimming, Kidz Art and their teachers. They have made nice friends with classmates, and us with their parents.

I guess if your child was asked to leave the school you may be upset and write a bad review here, but let me tell you, this is an awesome school. The only thing they do that would be considered religious is a Christmas play, and if a Christmas play offends you, you’ve got bigger issues to deal with. The staff is sweet, and the curriculum challenges the kids, preparing them well. I have two sons there right now, both in Pre-Kindergarten. My oldest will be starting Kindergarten this Fall and already does simple addition and subtraction, can spell, write and read 3 letter words, knows a bit of Spanish, can draw some pretty amazing pictures, is learning to swim, and much more. It’s a nice environment because if there are disruptive kids, they are dis-enrolled… which I guess may lead to some bad reviews now and again. I give it a 10! (Written over 1 year ago)

My son recently started at El Rancho and this is his 3rd preschool in a period of 1 year. I must say that I have not seen my son happier at any other place than I have at El Rancho! The staff seems to genuinely care about each child’s needs and after my son’s bad experience at an in home that put him in danger I have been very picky as to where I would send him to spend the day while I am working. The 2nd school I sent him to told me to “just leave” as my son balled at drop off begging me to stay. At El Rancho the staff welcomed me to stay until he felt comfortable which took all of 10 minutes on his first day! I believe that El Rancho is the best school for my child and for those parents that are looking for a place for their child to feel safe and happy! April 25, 2013

My mother pulled me out of Deterding Elementary School to put me into this small private school. I truly think that this was one of the best moves of my life. When my parents were trying to decide which private school to put me in, they had me go around and try each candidate school for a day–in the end, because of the cozy campus and the safety and connection I felt there, I ended up choosing El Rancho. At El Rancho, I met friends there that I am still friends with to this day–8 YEARS LATER. Before I went there, I was terrible at math, I hated reading, and I did not know my cursive. The teacher I had taught me very well and I was always in competition with my friends to see who could get their math done faster and more accurately. It was also at El Rancho that I gained some of my first musical experience. Mr. S is the music teacher there and did an extremely good job of teaching the music program–so good, in fact, that I ended up taking piano lessons and guitar lessons from him (I HIGHLY RECOMMEND HIM, he does private lessons at a church as well as school lessons). Again, I was still taking music lessons from Mr. S for 8 YEARS after I “graduated” from this school. I am in my third year of college now and I really have to say, El Rancho was some of the best times of my life. It’s a small campus with small classes, but the teachers are incredibly committed and you will make lifetime friends. As far as the “staff politics” or “parent-teacher” relations, I can’t really comment on. I’m speaking from the viewpoint of a kid who truly, truly enjoyed this school. 4/27/2013

We have enjoyed having our son attend El Rancho. I love the smaller class sizes and the ability to have my child learn at his own pace and if my child is struggling on a concept the teachers notice and provide extra assistance. The children in second grade and higher are required to go to study hall after school. I love this concept. Teaching children good study habits. We have our two children at this school and have been in the preschool and elementary programs. The teachers are fabulous. The pros: small class sizes, caring and nurturing environment, dedicated teachers, Spanish and music classes, family outings/dinners, swim lessons in the summer. The cons: The school needs to provide better communication on staffing changes. 9/23/2010

My daughter attended El Rancho for 8 years from preschool through 5th grade. The small class size allowed for individual attention and the ability for students to be challenged and advance academically when ready. When she moved out of state she was miles ahead of the public school 6th grade students. Her love of reading, strong grasp of mathematics, and desire to excel academically came from the excellent teaching and support she received in El Rancho’s nurturing environment. Some may consider the structure to be “old fashioned”, but their methods are tried and true and produce outstanding students and good citizens year after year. We have no doubt that El Rancho receives part of the credit for her high GPA, high AP and ACT scores, her confidence, and her desire to pursuer a degree in engineering. She has many fond memories of her friends, teachers and the administration at El Rancho. They became part of our extended family. We as parents feel that El Rancho was an investment in our child that we would not trade for anything. July 8, 2013

El Rancho is an excellent pre-school and kindergarten. The lack of facilities such as a multi-purpose/lunch room, very limited physical education program and theatre program limit the school’s ability to full-fill requirements for older students. The classes for older students are mixed grades. 3/28/2008

I disagree with the older children comments. My child attended from preschool through 6th grade and is now at a State University. I feel that the foundation was El Rancho and appreciate them for focusing on academics. My child is a boy and didn’t have any problems with individuality or blowing off steam. 2/15/2008

I have put three children through this school. I would not have them go anywhere else. If you can afford it, I would send your child there. 3/31/2008

Our experience has been good. There is more focus on reading than math in which I don’t agree with. Awesome extracurricular activities such as golf lessons, on premise summer swim lessons, private music lessons and a few others. Spanish is taught in class so my child speaks better Spanish than I. The staff can be a little militant and the children can’t run except on the small sawdust area due to the campus size. If you can look past that, then it’s great academically. 4/10/2008

My Son has been here since preschool. He has loved his teachers. I love the diverse education with Spanish, piano, music all part of the core curriculum. We have also opted into the Gymnastics, swimming and golf lessons too. He has blossomed this year thanks to the persistence and patience of his teacher. I also like the character development aspects they care about the whole child and reinforce good life skills. I have been thrilled with what my son has gotten out of his time here. 4/17/2008

We chose this school for its emphasis on reading, academics and music. It offers diversity and individual attention you just don’t get anymore. This is our daughter’s second year and we all love the school. We feel comfortable and safe and we know that our child is receiving attention that other schools just don’t offer. Our child is advanced for her age and the school has been on top of keeping her stimulated and interested. The principal and her daughter have the best interests of each child and they deal with each child’s needs individually. The holiday program is so sweet and Anne Richie puts her heart and sole into making the most elaborate and darling costumes. The music teacher is extremely talented and he loves to teach the children. El Rancho and the parents are lucky to have such a wonderful influence in their children’s lives. We love this school!!!!!!!! 4/24/2008

My two children attended El Rancho. One from preschool to 6th, the other from 3rd to 6th. I must say that El Rancho really prepared them for middle and high school. One graduated with honors at public high school, the other went to private high school and graduated with above 4.0 GPA. The foundation was set in early for both of them at El Rancho School. You can not go wrong by enrolling your child. You will understand when your children have friends from other schools and you see first hand the differences in quality education. 9/04/2008

Have 2 children who’ve attended, the older grades are perfect for me because the child gets a lot of individual teacher/student time. I have no issues with the management of the school; they’ve been very nice and work with parents at every turn. If my husband agrees to more children, they would attend to! (Written over 7 years ago)

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