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We have an app for that! Our new app puts valuable information in your hand. Contact us easily, find out what’s for lunch, be social, and keep current with the school’s activities and events. The app was specifically designed to send “push notifications” to users in the event of an emergency. We strongly encourage our parents, to download our app, as this is the fastest, most immediate way we have to notify you of an upcoming event or school closure.

Testimonial from El Rancho School:

In late October, 2014, sadly there was an officer involved shooting in a Sacramento suburb that was the beginning of a 6 hour crime spree. The first shots were fired at around 10:30am, and within minutes, the LogictreeIT Solutions Hub program notified people about the incident.
Parents of students at El Rancho School received a message, similar to an Amber Alert…their phone rang once, and the logo of their children’s school appeared on their phone. The message simply said…

El Rancho School-School is on lockdown-Officer involved shooting. Your children are safe.

The Preschool/Elementary School was not far away from the start of a two county rampage that resulted in several school lockdowns, but no other school was able to communicate quicker or more effectively then El Rancho School.
Imagine driving up to your children’s school, and having the street blocked, and seeing what must have been dozens of emergency vehicles and heavily armed officers in front of the school. Panic, fear, concern…and the officer working the perimeter doesn’t know, or can’t discuss what is happening at the school. Meanwhile, parents of El Rancho students receive another notification…

El Rancho School-There is no need to pick up your child from school. Tune into your local radio for more information. Your child is safe and we will send out another message when the lockdown is lifted.

The parents received notifications until the scene was cleared and students were released.
Principal Holly Olson acted quickly to keep students safe, then turned to technology to immediately notify parents of the situation as the sounds of sirens and helicopters pierced the normally quiet neighborhood where the high-speed chase began. The communication reassured parents and prevented confusion among families and faculty.
“Using inSchoolHub was a huge timesaver,” said Olson. “It’s much more efficient than phone calls and emails to parents, especially when it comes to an emergency situation. I was able to keep parents updated in minutes while I tended to the safety of their children. That peace of mind — for parents and for me — is priceless.”

Parents responded well to the inSchoolHub emergency alert system.

Student Safety And Security

In order to provide a safe, secure environment for children and staff, the following policies and procedures have been implemented.


Student safety and security•All persons enter and exit through secured and monitored gated entry, which is on closed-circuit television and other surveillance cameras monitor our parking lot.  The front office overlooks the entry and is continually staffed.  All other access to buildings and grounds are locked, with high fences and gates.

•Our staff monitor children being picked up.  When staff recognizes the person who is picking up the child as “authorized” by registration sheet information, the child is released to the “authorized” person.  Otherwise, staff asks the person who wishes to pick up the child for a picture I.D., then uses the intercom to reach the office to check if this person is authorized to pick up the child.

•Preschool students are signed in and out; elementary students are signed out.  Students can only be picked up by an authorized adult.

•There are established procedures for situations if an adult arrives to pick up a student and staff is unsure if that person can safely transport and/or care for the child.

•Staff members must pass Department of Justice fingerprint clearance and Child Abuse Index.


•El Rancho School does not accept students whose on-going behavior and choices have a negative impact on the school population.

•Staff receives training in transmission of germs and follows appropriate procedures to minimize that transmission.

•Staff receives training in blood pathogens and uses appropriate safeguards, including wearing gloves.

•Staff receives training to conduct a health check of each student as they arrive.

•Staff trains children to follow safety procedures indoors and outdoors.

•Staff receives training and certificate in CPR and First Aid.

•Refrigerated medicine is kept in a locked box.

•There are established procedures for staff administration of medicine.

•There are established procedures, posted outdoor “wait here” stations, and monthly fire drill practices.

There is vigilant supervision of students, attention to building and equipment maintenance, and constant observation of visitors

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