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“Random Acts of Kindness” are commonly known at El Rancho School as RAK’s.  RAK’s relate directly to our active character development program, which is part of our classroom curriculum.  The true reward for Random Acts of Kindness is the good feeling we all get when we do the right thing.  A RAK is not to be confused with an age-appropriate household chore or ordinary courtesy.  To celebrate the growing awareness of the child’s expression of good character, the teachers, friends, parents, and neighbors who witness the RAK are invited to write a note and send it in to the classroom teacher.  The student will receive recognition from his/her teacher and classmates.  Let’s rejoice with the children as they express their kind and gentle hearts.  Be alert, have an expectancy of good, see them doing what is right, and take time to fill out a RAK.


At monthly spirit rally’s we will be celebrating students who show the below listed positive traits, at home and at school. In the classrooms, the students will be having guided discussions and activities pertaining to these monthly themes.  The students are then expected to express these qualities in their everyday lives, and look for them in others.  We encourage families to write the school a note if they witness, for example, their child showing perseverance in the month of September.  We will be celebrating these positive traits during spirit rally.

Character Development Monthly Themes

Month Theme
August Friendship
September Perseverance
October Trustworthiness and Honesty
November Thankfulness and Gratitude
December Humility and Attitude
January Respect and Responsibility
February Kindness
March Compassion and Empathy
April Citizenship
May Bravery and Ambition



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