Auxiliary Classes

Spanish: Fifteen-minute lessons are given twice weekly to preschool students, and two half-hour lessons are given to elementary school students.  Since students enroll in grades throughout the school and may have not had previous Spanish instruction, this subject is only graded for participation.

Music: All students at El Rancho School enjoy weekly music lessons.  The length of the lesson in the preschool classes is 20 minutes; elementary school lessons are a half-hour.  Depending on the class, students learn new songs, practice singing on key, learn about pitch, beat and rhythm, and learn to follow the directions of the choir director.  Older students also learn about the instruments and sections of a symphony orchestra, and the role of the concert master and conductor.  They are introduced to famous composers and become familiar with some of their works.

PEPhysical Education: Students in Kindergarten – 5th grade have a 2 half-hour lessons per week, while 6th grade student have 3 half-hour lessons a week. The content varies according to the time of the year and the activity or season of the sport to be introduced or practiced.  Each lesson includes a stretching exercise, and a cool-down cycle.  Attention is paid to fitness, coordination, balance, locomotion, upper-body and lower-body strength.  Sportsmanship is an on-going topic and is taken very seriously by the instructor.



Each art class has an interactive discussion about artworks and the artist, it includes games and activities to help students perceive and respond to art and understand the role of art in a variety of past and present cultures. The students’ respond to moods and feelings expressed by the artists, they analyze and make judgments about the qualities. They also connect what they learn in art to other subject areas and they learn biographical and historical information about the artists, their styles, media and purposes in creating art. Students make art using a wide variety of media and techniques: painting, collage, print making, cut paper, etc.



Sign-ups for the following classes takes place the first month of the school year.  A schedule of dates and times of classes, as well as charges and other information, will be available early in the school year.

Gymnastics: It is our pleasure to be able to introduce our exciting program, HAPPY DAY GYMAGERY to El Rancho School.  Through the use of sensory integration, movement exploration, developmental gymnastics and guided imagery, your child will experience the fun of exercising their imaginations, as well as their bodies.

Our class will improve your child’s balance, strength, flexibility, coordination, and motor planning through activities that encourage participation and self-confidence.  The lessons are presented through a different story each week and children love the variety and opportunity to use their imaginations.

Currently, the half-hour classes are taught on Wednesday’s at 3:15 PM for boys and girls in preschool and kindergarten classes.  The program is offered year-round.  The class fee is $42.00 plus a $5 registration fee.

Piano and other musical instruments:

An experienced instructor is available for private weekly lessons.
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