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The personal qualities which a person brings to the teaching profession are as important as their education and experience.  A wonderful teacher is one who could be heard saying, “I teach because being around children makes my heart sing!”

Great teachers always have these qualities:

  1. kind, joyful manner
  2. is seen smiling a lot
  3. listens with heart and mind
  4. emotionally mature and stable
  5. energetic, enthusiastic
  6. passionate about kids’ learning
  7. patient and not easily frustrated
  8. pleasant personal manner – interesting, motivating


El Rancho teachers are chosen, not just for their education and experience,  but also for their “HEART” as well!

El Rancho K-6th Grade School Teachers – Education and Experince

100% completed credential program *
50% earned Masters in Education
16% earned Doctorate in Education
Average years of  teaching experience 18.2
Average years of  teaching experience at El Rancho School 6.6

El Rancho Preschool Teachers – Education and Experience

Average number of college units: 104
Average years of experience teaching Preschool 6.0
Average years of experience teaching Preschool at El Rancho School 5.25
*El Rancho School does not use “interns” or teachers holding temporary credentials

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