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Uniforms are purchased at Lands’ End. “Lands’ End” brand is required unless noted.

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El Rancho School Student Uniform, Free-dress Code and Grooming Policy

El Rancho School, Inc. uniforms are required daily for all students during the academic school year. Free-dress days are the last Friday of every month, unless notice is given that a different day has been selected. “Free dress” may also be worn during the Christmas and Spring breaks and on additional days as announced. On a few selected days during the school year, students may wear the “theme dress” (Ex. Pajama Day) or their school uniform, but not free dress. On these “theme dress” days students must abide by the Free Dress Standard below. Uniform shorts are an optional choice for wear in the early fall and late spring. Children may begin the fall school term wearing uniform shorts if they wish to do so. The school will notify parents when it is time to stop wearing shorts in the fall, and begin wearing them in the spring. New students have five school days in which to purchase uniforms.

Please do not purchase clothing that is “similar” to the uniform item. Every person has a different interpretation of “similar”. Please do not have your child wear uniform items unless they look identical to the official uniform. If you are unsure whether your item is identical, keep the sales tag, and bring it to the school and show the school principal. The school administration has the final say about what is identical.

A student, who is neat and clean, and dressed in an appropriate manner, is one who takes pride in his/her appearance. All clothing should fit properly and not so tightly that it clings to the body. Clothing should be wrinkle-free and properly maintained. Please repair hems that have come loose before the child wears the item again. Clothing that becomes stained, is missing buttons, has holes, is worn-out looking, or too small should not be worn to school. Please do not place your child in the embarrassing position of arriving at school with dingy, dirty, stained, worn-out, or too small uniforms.

Hair and fingernails should be clean and well-trimmed. The children’s hair can’t be dyed or bleached, shaved in a ontraditional pattern, worn in spikes, or other “punk” styles. Hair “tails” for boys are not acceptable, nor are designs cut in the hair. Hair accessories may only be black, white, red or navy. Girls may wear clear or pale-pink nail polish. Cosmetic make-up is not allowed. 5th – 6th grade girls only may wear any color nail polish on their natural nails.

Skirt length must be no shorter than the top of the kneecap or no longer than the bottom of the kneecap. Active girls should wear tights or bicycle shorts under their skirts for modesty. Girls’ walking shorts must be above the kneecap. Children with full figures generally need to wear a larger size to accommodate their waist. Please hem these garments to an appropriate length before your child wears them.

Skort length must not be longer than the top of the kneecap. It must not be shortened after purchase except in the case of a short child. Please check with the principal prior to shortening.

Shirts, must be worn and remain tucked in during class. Undershirts must be solid white and the sleeves must not extend below the uniform sleeves. Shirts that are dingy or faded may not be worn to school.

Outer garments: Please put your child’s name on anything they take off. Students wear only uniform sweaters or fleeces over their uniform when indoors. For outdoor play, jackets or coats of your choice are acceptable, and should be laundered at appropriate intervals. Backpacks, book bags, lunch boxes, binders, gloves, or hats with suggestive or unpleasant writing or designs are unacceptable. The principal has the final decision whether writing or designs are unacceptable at school.
Note: If your child’s shirt or sweater sleeves are too long, please hand-sew the cuffs up one turn to keep it out of their way. Otherwise they become a distraction, badly soiled, and many students chew holes in them. Only gloves in which the finger and palm areas have a non-slip surface can be worn on the play equipment.

When your child’s sweaters, book bags, and other personal items are left unattended, our staff needs to be able to hang them back on the coat hooks where they belong. Some parents object to their child’s name being visible on backpacks, etc. because it allows strangers off-campus to know their child’s name. Please put your child’s school coat hook number on their personal items. Numbers are posted on the parent-information board across from the restrooms. This prevents their items from going into Lost & Found

Jewelry: Students may wear neck jewelry provided it is tucked inside their shirt and not visible. Girls, but not boys, may wear one pair of simple post, but not dangling, earrings that are black, white, navy, red, silver, or gold. Students may have no other body-piercing jewelry. Ear cuffs, anklets, and bracelets are not acceptable. 6th grade girls only may wear one simple visible necklace that is in harmony with the school uniform; no BFF necklaces as they exclude others. They may also wear simple post, but not dangling, earrings in any color.

Footwear: School year – Black, brown, navy, red, or predominantly white shoes are required, and must be flat with closed heel and toe. Platform shoes, high heels, jellies, Crocks (or Crock type), hiking boots, shoes with glitter, characters, lights, gold, silver or studs or other jewelry are not acceptable. Ankle boots and knee-high riding boots with no heel are acceptable. On free-dress days, closed-toe sandals may be worn providing they have a back strap. Platform shoes, high heels, jellies, Crocks, and flip-flops are not safe for active play, and are not allowed even on free-dress days. We require closed-toe shoes. If you are unsure if your child’s selection of footwear is uniform-friendly, please purchase and keep the receipt. Do not have him/her wear them until you have checked with the school.

Physical Education Clothing: The P. E. teacher will send out a notice in the Wednesday folder if any sports activity equires clothing other than the school uniform. On P.E. days, all students must wear sports shoes and girls wear shorts or bicycle shorts, under their skirts or jumper. For girls, dress or Mary Jane type shoes, that can slip off or have slippery soles, are not safe for P.E. and are not allowed.

Spirit Rallies: Children are encouraged to wear their spirit rally shirt to school with their school uniform pants, skirt, etc., on designated spirit rally days. Shirts may be ordered the first few weeks through the school.


Clothing: Students may wear clean, modest, well-maintained, proper-fitting clothing of their choice, using the general guide of appropriateness. Students may not wear costumes, pajamas, or “low rider” pants or shorts to school. Spaghetti strap tops (straps must be at least one inch wide), tube tops, mid-riff tops that show the belly, shorts with an inseam shorter than five inches, basketball jerseys without an undershirt, or other immodest clothing is inappropriate. Summer Only: Bathing suits must be modest; girls may not wear string or very small bikinis.

Shoes, Socks, Jewelry, and Hair: Same as Uniform Policy, except shoes, socks, tights, hair ribbons, and barrettes may be any color or combination of colors and can be decorated.

Inappropriate Messages: Suggestive, unpleasant, or inappropriate words or designs on backpacks, lunch or book bags, binders, book covers, bathing suits, hats, gloves, games, or clothing are strictly prohibited. If you are unsure if the message on your child’s clothing or belongings may be a prohibited item, please re-read the school’s Character Development Program on our website www.elranchoschool.com. If your item is not in the spirit of this program, it is inappropriate.

If your child is in violation of this policy, a note will be sent home to you. We will not discuss the violation with your child unless the child caused the violation while at school, or their modesty needs to be maintained. If you have any questions, please contact the school principal.

Student Uniform Specifications

Uniforms are purchased at www.LandsEnd.com. “Lands’ End” brand is required unless noted.

K-6th Grade Girls

Red Polo Shirts with School Crest
School Uniform Short Sleeve Feminine Fit Interlock Polo
School Uniform Long Sleeve Feminine Fit Interlock Polo

K-2nd Grade Plaid Jumper
School Uniform Girls Plaid Jumper
Must be worn with Girls Bike Shorts or Tights
Or School Uniform Girls Ankle/Capri Length Legging

3rd-6th Grade Plaid Skirt/Skort
School Uniform Side Pleat Plaid Skort Above Knee
School Uniform Plaid Pleated Skirt Below the
Must be worn with Girls Bike Shorts or Tights
Or School Uniform Girls Ankle/Capri Length Legging

Optional Navy Pants/Shorts
School Uniform Perfect Fit Iron Knee Blend Plain Front
School Uniform Plain Front Blend Chino Shorts

ONLY Outerwear that can be worn in the classrooms with school crest
School Uniform Fleece Jacket
School Uniform Fine Gauge or Drifter Button Front Cardigan
School Uniform Zip-front Sweatshirt or Drifter Cardigan
School Uniform Active Track Jacket

K-6th Grade Boys

Red Polo Shirts with School Crest
School Uniform Unisex Rapid Dry Active Polo
School Uniform Unisex Short Sleeve Interlock Polo
School Uniform Unisex Long Sleeve Interlock Polo

Navy Pants/Shorts
School Uniform Iron Knee Blend Plain Front Chino Pant
School Uniform Stain Resist Plain Front Chino Pant
School Uniform Cotton Plain Front Chino Shorts
School Uniform Boys Elastic Waist Shorts

ONLY Outerwear that can be worn in the classrooms with school crest
School Uniform Drifter V-neck Vest
School Uniform Fleece Jacket
School Uniform Fine Gauge or Drifter Button Front Cardigan
School Uniform Zip-front Sweatshirt or Drifter Cardigan
School Uniform Active Track Jacket

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