Dress & Grooming Policy

Student Dress Code and Grooming Policy


A student, who is neat and clean, and dressed in an appropriate manner, is one who takes pride in their appearance.  All clothing should fit properly and not so tightly that it clings to the body.  Clothing should be wrinkle-free and properly maintained.  Clothing that becomes stained, is missing buttons, has holes, is worn-out looking, or too small should not be worn to school.


Clothing: Students may wear clean, modest, well-maintained, proper-fitting clothing of their choice, using the general guide of appropriateness.  Students may not wear costumes, pajamas, or “low rider” pants or shorts to school.  Spaghetti strap tops (straps must be at least one inch wide), tube tops, mid-riff tops that show the belly, shorts with an inseam shorter than five inches, basketball jerseys without an undershirt, or other immodest clothing is inappropriate.   Summer Only:  Bathing suits must be modest; girls may not wear string or very small bikinis.


Skirt/skort length must be no shorter than the top of the kneecap.  Active girls should wear tights or bicycle shorts under their skirts for modesty.


Outer garments:  Please put your child’s name on anything they take off.  For outdoor play, jackets or coats of your choice are acceptable.  Backpacks, book bags, lunch boxes, binders, or hats with suggestive or unpleasant writing or designs are unacceptable.  The principal has the final decision whether writing or designs are unacceptable at school.  Only gloves in which the finger and palm areas have a non-slip surface can be worn at school and on play equipment.


Jewelry:  Students may wear neck jewelry provided it is tucked inside their shirt and not visible.  Girls, but not boys, may wear one pair of simple post, but not dangling, earrings.  Students may have no other body-piercing jewelry.  Ear cuffs, anklets, and bracelets are not acceptable.


Footwear:  Shoes must be flat with a closed heel and toe.  Platform shoes, high heels, jellies, Crocks (or Crock type), hiking boots, shoes with glitter, characters, lights, gold, silver or studs or other jewelry are not acceptable. Ankle boots and knee-high riding boots with no heel are acceptable. Closed-toe sandals may be worn providing they have a back strap.  Platform shoes, high heels, jellies, Crocks, and flip-flops are not safe for active play, and are not allowed.  We require closed-toe shoes.


Physical Education Clothing: On P.E. days, all students must wear sports shoes and girls wear shorts or bicycle shorts, under their skirts. For girls, dress or Mary Jane type shoes, that can slip off or have slippery soles, are not safe for P.E. and are not allowed.

Hair and fingernails should be clean and well-trimmed.  The children’s hair can’t be dyed or bleached, shaved in a non-traditional pattern, worn in spikes, or other “punk” styles.  Hair “tails” for boys are not acceptable, nor are designs cut in the hair. Hair accessories may only be black, white, red or navy.  Girls may wear clear or pale-pink nail polish.  Cosmetic make-up is not allowed.

Inappropriate Messages: Suggestive, unpleasant, or inappropriate words or designs on backpacks, lunch or book bags, binders, book covers, bathing suits, hats, gloves, games, or clothing are strictly prohibited.


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